Sally Swarthout - Director of Parks, Recreation, Forestry and Cemetery

Chuck Myers - Superintendent of Parks, Forestry & Cemetery

Joe Mobile - Superintendent of Recreation


Name & Email Title


Phil Alderks Cemetery Sexton 847.615.4341
Anthony Anaszewicz Athletics Manager 847.810.3945
Jason Busdeker Facility Manager 847.810.3934
Rob Carmichael Wildlife Discovery Center Manager 847.810.3663
Aaron Dalzot Lakefront Manager 847.810.3930
Jennifer Eggert Kinderhaven Supervisor 847.810.3947
John Eldridge ECE/Cultural Arts/Special Events Manager 847.810.3940
Kristin Elliott Marketing & Communications Specialist 847.810.3949
Valerie Gonzalez Dance Supervisor 847.810.3948
Will Howard Sailing Supervisor 847.810.3666
Joe Mobile Superintendent of Recreation 847.810.3941
Chuck Myers Superintendent of Parks & Forestry 847.810.3565
Patrick O'Donoghue General Manager, Deerpath Golf Course 847.810.3889
Jason Olson Athletics Supervisor 847.810.3946
Thais O'Malley Graphic Designer & Social Media Specialist 847.810.3914
Rich Paulsen Parks Supervisor 847.810.3567
Ken Pierini Athletics Supervisor 847.810.3943
Susan Simms Administrative Assistant, Recreation & CROYA 847.810.3980
Dani Spann Administrative Assistant, Parks & Forestry 847.810.3544
Sally Swarthout Director of Parks, Recreation, Forestry & Cemetery 847.810.3942
Corey Wierema City Forester 847.810.3564