Pickleball, hailed as America's fastest-growing sport, offers an exciting and inclusive way for the Lake Forest community to stay active while connecting with friends and neighbors.

Responding to the increasing interest in pickleball, Lake Forest Parks & Recreation is expanding its offerings to provide more indoor and outdoor opportunities for players of all skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, pickleball provides a fun and engaging experience for everyone!


Deerpath Community Park: outdoor court schedule

Learn More about our Pickleball Programs below!

We offer the following indoor classes at the Recreation Center for the very beginner player up to advanced levels. Classes run six weeks.


Learn To Play Pickleball

  • A fun class to learn to play pickleball. For the new player. Focus on rules, scoring, court positioning and shots.

Drills, Drills, Drills

  • Just Drills! Dinks, volleys, third shot drops, resets, services and returns. You will see the best result from drilling if you sign up with your own drill partner of similar skill. It is recommended that you and your drill partner each register and partner up throughout the Drill class.

Beginner Game Play with Strategy

  • For the player that has little court experience. We focus on scoring, serves, returns, dinks, third shots, introducing game strategy, and court positioning. Player has taken an introductory Learn To Play class.

Intermediate Game Play with Strategy

  • For the player that has completed the Advanced Beginner class and is looking to add consistency, shot development, and strategy to their game. We will focus on developing shot execution, dinking, third shots, serve, and returns. Court positioning, shot selection, and game strategy will be developed through focused game play. 30 minutes of drills will be followed by 60 minutes of structured game play. Players will be placed on a court with players of similar ability.

Advanced Game Play with Strategy

  • For the Advanced player that can sustain a rally and has developed reliable dinks, third shot drops, volleys, serves, and returns. Focus is on advanced game strategy, partner strategy, court positioning, proper shot selection, playing through transition area, ball placement, and pace. 30 minutes of drills are followed by 60 minutes of strategic game play. Players will be placed on a court with players of similar ability. Instructor approval if new to LF Rec Pickleball Program.

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Our outdoor pickleball courts offer a fantastic way to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings while engaging in this fast-paced sport. With ample space and top-notch facilities, players can experience the thrill of pickleball in the fresh air and sunshine.

Courts are located at:

  • Deerpath Community Park, 400 Hastings Road, 8 dedicated pickleball courts (opening Friday, May 3) OUTDOOR COURT SCHEDULE
  • Everett Park, 1191 Everett School Road, 2 tennis/pickleball combo courts
  • South Park, 150 S. Maywood Road, 2 tennis/pickleball combo courts
  • Waveland Park, 600 South Waveland Road, 3 tennis/pickleball combo courts

Player & Court Rotation:

  • If courts are open and no one is waiting, you can use any available court.
  • Once courts are full, players are required to use the RACK SYSTEM (at DEERPATH COMMUNITY PARK ONLY) to determine the order of play.

Rack System:

  • Waiting players should put their paddle in the next available tube to hold their place in line; the rotation moves left to right.
  • The "next" sign should be moved down the rack as players rotate.
  • Players wishing to play as a group may do so by racking together.
  • Courts rotate after one game or after 15 minutes if an actual game is not being played.
  • When a game is finished, players must leave the court allowing the next racked players to rotate in. If players are waiting, players from the finishing court may complete the foursome.
  • Single and doubles play are permitted.
  • Games are played to 11 (win by 2).

General Guidelines:

  • All Lake Forest Parks & Recreation programs have priority use of the courts.
  • Facility usage for commercial purposes, including for profit lessons, is strictly prohibited unless approved by Recreation Staff per City of Lake Forest Ordinance 2021-91.004.
  • Not allowed: rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, or dogs.
  • Play is prohibited when snow or ice are present, and shoveling is strictly prohibited.

Be fair, be a good sport, and have fun!

  • Can you reserve an outdoor court? No, all courts are first-come first-served.
  • When are the outdoor pickleball courts available? Courts are available year-round; they are closed during the winter months when snow is on the ground.
  • Are rules posted at the outdoor courts? Yes, staff has posted rules at Deerpath Community Park and they are listed on the Outdoor Courts tab of this webpage.
  • Who monitors the players and rules? Players self monitor the rules and use of the courts.
  • Do you offer programming? Yes, we offer a variety of classes. Click here.